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You cannot ever hope to defeat me! I am invincible! I am immortal! I am a god! You can NEVER defeat me! NOW PREPARE TO DIE!!!
  — Yami Uzumaki 
Yami Uzumaki
Yami Uzumaki
Aliases Bringer of Darkness
The Immortal Beast
Journey Information
Experience N/A
Ryō N/A
Biographical Information
Birthdate Unknown
Gender Male
Age 25, 25 B.Y
Height 7'0"
Weight 360 lbs
Blood Type AB
Classification Medical-nin
Sensor Type
Affiliation Hidden Eddy Village
Family Unknown
Team Team Sakura (Formerly)
Clan Jugo's Clan
Uzumaki Clan
Chakra Natures Unknown
Kekki Genkai Sage Transformation (Ability to passively absorb natural energy)
Ninja Rank Jonin
Academy Grad. Age 4
Chunin Promo. Age 5
Jonin Promo. Age 6
Summoning Scrolls
Body Absorption
Chakra Blast Cannons
Destroying Axe Fist
Jet Booster Jump
Piston Fist
Piston Fist: Style One
Sage Transformation
Sage Mode
Dead Demon Consuming Seal
Dead Demon Consuming Seal: Release
Eight Trigrams Sealing Style
Four Symbols Seal
Reverse Four Symbols Seal Technique
Uzumaki Sealing Technique
Chakra Enhanced Strength
Chakra Scalpel
Mystical Palm Technique
Yin Seal: Release
Creation Rebirth
Strength of a Hundred Technique
Body Recreation Technique
Chakra Absorbing Snakes
Clone Snakes
Clone Snakes: Serpent Technique
Scroll Communication Technique
Snake Clone Technique
Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes
Summoning Technique (Snakes)
Sage Art: Inorganic Reanimation
Sage Art: White Snake Rage

Yami Uzumaki is a major antagonist in Naruto Journey RP. He hails from both the Uzumaki Clan and Jugo's Clan. He is considered the most powerful villain in Naruto Journey RP history and nearly ended the world by almost destroying all life on it after he became the Ten-Tails' Jinchuriki and obtained its godly power.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Yami bears great resemblance to Jugo, except he has the signature red hair that all Uzumaki Clan members possess. Once Yami was reborn and injected with the cells of the legendary white snake. His appearance changed dramatically, he gained white skin with scales, grew a tail with a snake's head at the end, and gained snake eyes.


Yami is arrogant, psychotic, violent, ruthless, insane, barbaric, cruel, cold, and merciless. He doesn't hesitate to finish off his opponents quickly and will show no mercy not even on children.


The Wrath of Yami Uzumaki ArcEdit

This arc is about the time when Yami Uzumaki attacked the Hidden Leaf Village to capture the Jinchuriki.

The Return of Yami Uzumaki ArcEdit

This arc is about the time Yami Uzumaki and Korosu returned with a clone army after Yami was defeated by Conner and Hadou. They started a war with the Hidden Leaf Village.

The Fifth Great Shinobi War ArcEdit

This arc is about The Fifth Great Shinobi War, after a long battle climaxed and the war was near it's end. Yami Uzumaki appeared out of nowhere and made quick work of the remaining ninja from the other countries. After that he used his chakra-absorbing snakes to take some chakra from Hikari Bujin, Shizen Senju, and Karasu Hatake. Then he summoned a large snake to swallow the four Kages and then he vanished without another word.

  • Yami Uzumaki vs. Four Kage and Ninja. Winner: Yami Uzumaki

The End of the WorldEdit

After Yami managed to capture 8 Tailed Beast and engaged in a gargantuan battle against Hikari, Conner, Shizen, Karasu, and Zan that would determine the fate of the entire world. In the end, Hikari, Conner, Zan, and Yami died. Shizen and Karasu survived, the Moon crashed into the Earth, a large portion of the world's population was eradicated, and the Ten-Tails had absorbed all of the other Tailed Beast and become complete. Then the Ten-Tails was trapped forever inside of the Kamui Dimension by Yami and Zan. 100 years passed, two new villages called the Hidden Sun Village and the Hidden Shadow Village have been created. All of the previous ninja have died within 100 years.


Strength: Yami is insanely powerful, with a combination of his Sage Transformation, Sage Mode, and Chakra Enhanced Strength he is unbelievably strong. His physical strength becomes so high he is able to easily destroy entire villages by himself within a matter of minutes simply with his bare hands. He is even stronger then the Fifth Hokage Lady Tsunade.

Speed: Yami is also quite fast, easily able to use his jet boosters to accelerate instantly and move around across the battlefield with ease. His speed is comparable to that of the Fourth Hokage Minato Namikaze.

Medical Ninjutsu: Yami's medical ninjutsu skills are greater then the Fifth Hokage Lady Tsunade's, this means he can use S-rank medical ninjutsu so advanced that he can heal instantly from any wounds, even if he's chopped in half he can regenerate.

Fuinjutsu: Yami is exceptionally skilled in Summoning and Sealing techniques, since he hails from the Uzumaki Clan he knows all of their fuinjutsu techniques.

Chakra: His amount of Chakra is at Tailed Beast levels allowing him to use his medical ninjutsu skills, Sage Transformation, and Sage Mode for incredible periods of time, and since he hails from Jugo's clan he passively absorbs natural energy allowing him to stay in Sage Mode even longer. He is truly a tank.

Endurance: With a combination of his incredibly strong life force due to being an Uzumaki Clan member, his medical ninjutsu, his Sage Transformation abilities, and his Sage Mode abilities. His endurance is incredibly high, it takes a lot to severely injure him and keep him down. His endurance is pretty much unbelievable, he can heal instantly from even the most severe wounds and even have some of his limbs chopped and they'll regenerate in seconds. It is due to the combination of all of these abilities that dramatically augment his already amazing healing and regenerative abilities that gave him the nickname the "The Immortal Beast".

Animal Telepathy: Due to his close connection to natural energy, he can communicate with animals telepathically and use them as scouts or as extra eyes. 

Summary: Yami is an incredibly menacing and powerful S-rank Jonin. He uses a combination of his strength, medical ninjutsu, endurance, and Sage Mode to overpower his foes and even earn the title of "The Immortal Beast". These 4 are his strongest techniques. 


Yami Uzumaki's Statistics:



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