These are the 8 dragons of Hikari Bujin's village.The each dragon is listed according to their winged number

(Note:Their number doesn't say how many wings they have)

5 of the 8 dragons



  1. Ancient Fairy:Increased Chakra. Also gets Ryūgan (Anger)
  2. Power Tool/Life Stream:Increased Intellegance. (Shock)
  3. Flowing Life:Increased Chakra and Endurance.(Sadness)
  4. White Lightning:Increased Agility (and offence only in enraged mode),also the point where the person gets the Mangekyo Ryūgan (Rage)
  5. Black Rose:Increased Chakra,Defence,and Endurance. (Love)
  6. Black Winged:Increased Agility,Offence,and Defence. (Happieness)
  7. Red Archfiend:Increased Offence,Defence,Chakra,and Endurance. (Bravery)
  8. Stardust:All of the stats increased. (Hope)