Toshihiro Yokai
Aliases Blue Sage
Journey Information
Experience 200
Ryō 5000
Biographical Information
Birthdate June 5
Gender Male
Age Part 1: 14

Part 2: 22

Height Part 1: 5'5

Part 2: 6'2

Weight Part 1: 120 lbs

Part 2: 169.3 lbs

Blood Type O
Classification S-Rank
Affiliation w:c:naruto:Konohagakure
Clan w:c:naruto:Senju
Chakra Natures Water Release, Wood Release
Kekki Genkai Wood Release
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age 13
w:c:naruto:Sword, w:c:naruto:Kunai
Sage Mode

Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a KidEdit


Toshihiro is about 5'5 and is a small boy. He has short black hair and wears casual outfits when he isn't in his shinobi outfit.

When he gets OlderEdit

Toshihiro Adult

Toshihiro has very long black hair and grows to be 6'2 169.3 lbs. He wears his shinobi outfit all the time which is blue and black. He has a neck less that has the yin-yang symbol on it.


Even though he looks serous at times, he is very playful. In a fight, he will joke around with his opponent and kill then if he has to later on. He is a peaceful person and only fights when he needs to.


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