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Team Kibō
Team Kibou Symbol
Biographical information
Members Seno Inuzuka (leader)
Ranma Hōzuki
Hadou Uchiha
Combined Experience 3700
Village Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Jutsu

Team Kibo is a Genin team that is lead by Seno Inuzuka.


Ranma went to Konohagakure to look for Hadou, and they met in the training field. Ranma and Hadou bonded quickly, they had a little spar in the training fields. They don't know Hiro is their sensei though.


Seno Inuzuka (The Leader)Edit

Seno Inuzuka is the leader of the team, quite young for a Jonin, he is 23 years old, he always gives orders to Ranma and Hadou. He tends to say "Sorry I'm late, ninjas attacked me" whenever he is late for a mission. Due to him being an Inuzuka, Hiro has a strong sense of smell, he also has his pet dog, Shiro, to assist him when needed.

Ranma Hōzuki (The sensor and strategizer)Edit

Ranma Houzuki
Ranma Hōzuki is the sensor and strategizer of the team, he is s sensory-type shinobi and is quite intelligent, being the strategizer of the team he plans how the mission goes and how it proceeds. He is a ninja from Kirigakure.

Hadou Uchiha (The eyes)Edit

Hadou Uchiha is the eyes of the team, he uses his Sharingan to see if there are any enemies nearby. He is also very skilled with kunais. He also relies on his hearing when he can't see even with his Sharingan. he wears his headband on his head. He is also considered prodigious in Fire Release, but Hadou doesn't think so.

Masago (The Medic)Edit


Masago is the Medic of the team, she is a ninja from the Hidden Sand. She somewhat has a soft spot and she will do anything to protect her comrades, she is 8 years old. She is also talented in Wind Release and Magnet Release, she is quite strong for her age.