Team Hadou
Team Hadou symbol
Biographical information
Members Hadou Uchiha,Kyro Namikaze,Mido Sarutobi, and Fania Haruno
Village Affiliation Konohagakure
Team Jutsu
Wind Release: Collaboration Jutsu: Fiery Breeze

Team Hadou is the team led by Hadou Uchiha.


Mido and Fania got to know each other first, they had a rough start cause Mido bumped into Fania, and she punched him in the face, when they first met. They are later on called to Ichiraku Ramen where they meet Hadou and Kyro. There, Fania fell in love with Kyro and started being flirty to him.


Hadou UchihaEdit

Hadou is the Jonin and leader of the team. He hails from the revived Uchiha clan and enjoys spending time with his students. Being an Uchiha, he has the Sharingan. Hadou is a past member of Team Kibō, back when he was a genin.

Kyro NamikazeEdit

Kyro is the strongest among the students. He is from the Namikaze clan. Sometimes, he gets into fights with Mido, cause Kyro calls Mido a big showoff.

Mido SarutobiEdit

Mido is the brave one in the team, he is not really brave, rather reckless. He is from the Sarutobi clan, making him a very fit shinobi.

Fania HarunoEdit

Fania is the weakest of the students. She is a kunoichi who uses Chakra-Enhanced Strength. She is in love with her teammate Kyro, for she thinks he is really cool.