Team Conner
Biographical information
Members Conner Sarutobi , Asuma Nara , Karasu Hatake , Ritsu Uzumaki
Village Affiliation Konoha
Team Jutsu
Shadow Chidori

This team is led by Conner Sarutobi. It was created after Conner became a Jonin, and is his first team of Genin. 


Karasu and Asuma were always friends in the academy, both of them got fairly high grades. They were very happy when they were put on the same team. Ritsu didn't know them very well, but she had always had a crush on Karasu, so she was also pretty happy about it. 


Conner SarutobiEdit

Conner is the leader of the team, and the teacher. He treats his students well but can sometimes be hard on them, mostly when Asuma is being lazy. He is a incredibly strong Jonin, and is easily one of the strongest in the village. He is a Sarutobi/Hyuga mix, and thus has a Byakugan.

Karasu HatakeEdit

Karasu is the strongest Genin on the team. He has a large amount of natural talent and graduated at the top of his class. He is best friends with Asuma, despite their difference in personalities. He is very calm and thinks most things through. 

Asuma NaraEdit

Asuma is the most intelligent person on the team. He is the son of Shikamaru Nara. Asuma thinks of many strategies for the team, and thinks all the time. He prefers not to use close combat, put is still skilled in using chakra blades if necessary. He is best friends with Karasu.

Ritsu UzumakiEdit

Ritsu is a medical ninja. She is very talented with medical ninjutsu, but not much else. She also has great chakra control, being able to use chakra enhanced strength. She is a very cheerful person and cares for everyone on the team. She also has a crush on Karasu.