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Rikudou Tempomaru
Aliases DK
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Chakra Natures Fire Release Fire Release
Wind Release Wind Release
Lightning Release Lightning Release
Earth Release Earth Release
Water Release Water Release
Kekki Genkai Kokorogan Kokorogan
Ninja Rank S-Rank Jonin

Rikudou Tempomaru is a major antagonist in the roleplay Naruto Journey.


Rikudou has silver hair with bangs in the front that cover his customized glasses. Rikudou wears a long, turtle-necked, white jacket with black straps that make the jacket close. Under his jacket he wears a tight, magenta colored, long sleeve shirt with brown gloves that have black straps and golden buckles. Over his shoulders is a white cape with high collars that has golden design on it, and the wrest of the cape being sky blue with two gold circles. As his pants he wears regular black pants.


Rikudou is playful, nice, can be considered immature, and loves making jokes. Although all of those things he is still very intelligent and mixes his playful and intelligent elements of his personality together to make the opponent get more mad and mad.



  • Great Speed: Rikudou is often called the Silver Flash. He is called this because his level of speed is absolutely amazing to where he could create a big gust of wind and dust with one dash. Moving so fast that his chakra lets out a silver flash.
  • Master Tactician: A Master at analyzing his opponent's moves and strategies and creating his own to counter theirs, if possible to counter.