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Pilgrim's Clone. Utilizing his mastery over the different aspects of Ninjutsu, Dhargasin has invented a new type of clone, particularly due to his hatred towards the fragile nature of Shadow Clones.

The Pilgrim's clone is very much different. Unlike the initial prototypes with organs(created from a series of complicated seals), this clone is actually durable enough to survive lethal injuries. This is due to the chakra forming many tiny "bubbles" instead of one huge one, which is the original. Due to this, the shadow clones pop instantly, while these Pilgrim's clones can have entire arms and body parts ripped off of them, but they can still regenerate as long as they have chakra(though the overall strength of the clone is weakened as a result).

Unlike the shadow clones, which require only one handsign, the Pilgrim clones take much longer to form, and use up more chakra than normal. The time taken to use this jutsu is 2 seconds(which Dhargasin disguises it amidst his clones, and uses it once he is hidden). This technique is often used to fool the enemy by implanting a mixture of regular clones and Pilgrim clones.

In conclusion, Pilgrim Clones abilities can vary depending on chakra input(though it requires massive concentration), and have the added advantage of transferring information instantaneously, as these clones can create more clones as well.