~These are a list of current missions available to Ninja~

B.F 13 - 17Edit


Food SuppliesEdit

We are running really low on food supplies so we need you to retrieve some herbs and plants that are edible for the village, then get some tree sap, then run to the nearest trader and trade herbs and plants for food, carry it back to the village. Only 1 ninja is needed for this job.

Water SuppliesEdit

Just like food we are running low on water, We need you to go to the nearest trader and trade or buy some water for our village. Make sure to collect hurbs,spices and plants.


There is a villager that framed another villager for a murder, We need a ninja to go find evidence, Anything would help, a bloody knife, hand prints, anything. Ask questions around the village to get more information.

Mysterious Forest FiresEdit

There has been forest fires near our village, many villagers claimed to have seen the man who did it but it's always a lie, So we need a ninja to find out who's the true on commiting all these fires, Find out the reason and find out why.

Girl's Lost NecklaceEdit

There is a little girl who is really upset because she lost her necklace, we need you to go set out to find it. There is a possibility that the rouges stole it with the other jewelry from other people.


Retrieve Tree SapEdit

We need a very special Tree Sap only found in the Land Of Water. We need a lot for a potion that is used often to cure several deseases going around the village.



Nation AssistEdit

The Komogakure, in the land of lightning, needs help fighting off a large band of rouges. Most of their ninja are off on their own special missions leaving the village vulnerable to attack. The rouges have been apparently well trained for this attack because none of Komogakure's traps are working.


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A.F 100Edit



A.F 101Edit


~These are a list of past missions that are no longer available to Ninja~

B.F 13 - 17Edit


Wild Cat ChaseEdit

A lady in the south part of the Hidden Leaf Village has cats that ran away from her. She needs ninjas to help her catch them so she can get them back. Go to her and receive this mission and to get information of where the cats ran away to. After catching them return the cats to the lady. COMPLETED

Academy CatchersEdit

The academy teachers need help controling the new crazy students who keep causing trouble around the village. As well as running from class. They need help making sure no Academy students run away or when they cause trouble. COMPLETED

Cat Stuck In a TreeEdit

There is a woman's cat stuck up in a very high tree, She wants you to get it, You'll get Ryo from her and you'll get more for doing the mission. There is also bee hives there so be careful. Try not to provoke the bees in anyway. COMPLETED

Jutsu JuvenilesEdit

There is 8 juveniles using their jutsu to cause havoc within the hidden leaf village. We need a group of ninja to go stop the juveniles and bring them to the hokage for punishment. COMPLETED


Rabid DogEdit

There is a dog that has been bit by a animal that has rabies, It is now terroizing the village. We need ninja to go and kill the animals with rabies and dispose of them before the disease spreads to the other animals. COMPLETED

Mysterious ManEdit

There is one of these villagers that always support rogues and encourage them to leave the village. We need ninja for this job, locate and capture this mysterious man and bring him to the intelligence facility at the end of the village. COMPLETED

Stolen SuppliesEdit

There is several rogues that stole some suplies from around town. We need a fewninja to go and get the supplies back from the rouges. If the Rogue gets in your way you know what to do, Good luck! COMPLETED

Dirty WaterEdit

For some odd reason the village's water has became unhealthy, Most children already have been sick and now they are even sicker, We need you to find the source of where the dirty water is coming from and destroy it, Ask questions if anyone saw anything. COMPLETED

Defend Our Village's SuppliesEdit

There are rogues trying to steal supplies! We need at least a few ninja for this job. They are on the west side of the village taking supplies from the storage facility and bring them to their camp in the center of the woods a long way from Konohagakure. COMPLETED


Chaos GangEdit

There is a gang of rouge ninja's caming out near Konohagakure. Several ninja are needed to go drive these rouge ninja's away from the village. About 2-3 ninja are recomended for this duty. COMPLETED

Farmer GuidanceEdit

Some farmers need help getting around from the Hidden Leaf Village, to the Hidden Sand Village along with their animals. This mission should be assinged to Genin, or Chuunin. There are possibilities of getting injured or "stalked" by Shinobi of the Hidden Sand, or other villages you grow close to. Goodluck, ninja! COMPLETED

Villager EscortEdit

There is a villager moving out of the village, we need at least a few ninja for this job. We need you to escort the villager out of the village and then escort him to the village of Tanigakure where he is moving to train with his son. COMPLETED


Back upEdit

Several ninja are out in the forest fighting of a band of rouges they ran into while training. They need some back-up to help defeat the rouges and run them out of the area near the village. COMPLETED

Enemy CaptureEdit

There are several Jonin from another village near the borders and are planning to gather supplies for a battle. You must stop them and capture on of them and bring them back to the village to have their mind read so we can well what their exact battle plans are. COMPLETED

Mysterious Man ReturnsEdit

The Mysterious Man is back! He has managed to break out of the intelligence facility! We need a ninja to track him down and bring him to the hokage, and he shall decide upon what to do with him. He may be assisted by rouges so be wary of your surroundings. COMPLETED


100 A.FEdit


Cargo Escort Edit

A merchant needs help escorting his cargo and goods to a poor village outside of the Hidden Sun Village. But a group of bandits are out to get him. A team of 3 genin ninja is all that should be needed. COMPLETED


Bandits Edit

A group of bandits comprised of rogue ninja are attacking the outskirts of the Hidden Sun Village. A team 3-man genin team is needed to stop them. COMPLETED

101 A.FEdit