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Misheru Uchiha
Misheru uchiha
Aliases Mish
Journey Information
Experience N/A
Ryō N/A
Biographical Information
Birthdate May 22nd, Dead
Gender Male
Age 11
Height 4'11
Blood Type AB
Affiliation Konohagakure
Family TBD
Clan Uchiha Clan
Chakra Natures Fire Release Fire Release(Affinity)
Kekki Genkai Sharingan Sharingan
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age 9
Chunin Promo. Age TBA

-Sword -Shuriken -Fuma Shuriken

Fire Release: Fireball Justu

Fire Release: Red hawk
Fire Release: Grand Fire
Fire Release: Blazing Knuckle
Fire Release: Dragon Blitz
Shadow clone justu
Transformation Justu

Physical AppearanceEdit

Misheru likes to change his appearence alot. He varies his black hair between short and spikey and straight and long. During his time as Genin and Chunin he wears the outfit you see in the picture above. Misheru like most uchiha has black eyes. He has a 3 tomoe sharingan and a Mangekyou. He has scars on his body for unknown reasons. At Genin he was medium height for his age. He didn't grow much after he had reached Chunin.


Misheru is a very hyper person. He is quick to jump into battle and loves to show off in front of girls. He loves to make jokes (which are usually terrible) and loves to laugh. This gets in the way of his battling sometimes as Misheru gets distracted easily. He also shares an intense rivalry with fellow villager Rennie Deremoinai and fights with him all the time. Misheru is very hyper active.


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Super reflexes- Misheru's refelexes are great. He can catch things on impulse and can dodge a kunai from 7m away. However this is only when he is concentrating.

Mercenary- Really quick to draw wepon or justu. Also ver good with taijustu but lacks in blocking attacks. Can scout and alert others of any incoming danger. Good aim with throwing objects.


1 tomoe- With this sharingan, Misheru can read and copy basic taijustu. He can manage to see where his oppenent is going to attack. However with one tomoe, misheru cannot read anything other than basic taijustu. Can read chakra flow
1 tomoe sharingan

1 tomoe sharingan

2 tomoe- Can see through and copy Genjustu. See through some basic ninjustu and read advansed movements of taijustu. His speed increases aswell

3 tomoe- Can see through advansed genjustu and can read a high level of ninjustu. With this Misheru can also read a very high level of speed. When developed it can also read Chakra movements.

Mangekyou- Has not been awakened

2 tomoe sharingan

2 tomoe

3 tomoe sharingan

3 tomoe (Misheru's current sharingan)


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