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Marada Uchiha

Kyurigan is a Dōjutsu Kekki Genkai which was created by Marada Uchiha.


The Kyurigan is split into three different abilities. These abilities are Eye of Rotation, Eye of Illusion, and Eye of Torture.

The Eye of Rotation allows to see anything within a 300 Meter Radius around the user. Similar to the Byakugan's 360 degrees however this one is much more advanced. There is no blind points with this ability, and no drawbacks in range since 300 Meters should suffice. This also allows the user to perceive images around them a lot clearer than something like binoculars.

The Eye of Illusion relates to using Genjutsu. This allows the user to see if they are under a genjutsu, even the most advanced Genjutsu cannot trick this superior eye technique. This ability of the eye also is used to create advanced Genjutsu techniques that are not able to be perceived by even that of the Sharingan.

The Eye of Torture allows the user to torture the person it is looking at. Once the opponent stares into the Kyurigan (Chaos Form) they begin to feel like they are being burned and cut up like they are being tortured. This pain keeps on going, the only way to get rid of it is look away. However, once looking at the Kyurigan (chaos Form) it is hard too look away.


The Kyurigan has two different forms. The original one and the Chaos Form.