Kamon Namikaze
Journey Information
Biographical Information
Birthdate March 3
Gender Male
Age 35
Height 188 cm
Weight 58 kg
Blood Type A
Classification S-rank
Affiliation Konohagakure
Chakra Natures Wind_Release.png Wind Release
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age Academy Grad. Age.
Flying Thunder God Kunai
Flying Thunder God Technique


Kamon was a member of the leaf village. When the nine-tails attacked the leaf, Kamon was in the front lines and was almost killed. He was picked up by villagers of the leaf that were leaving the village because of the nine-tails attack. When the villagers were evacuating the village, Kamon was unconscious on the path out of the village. So the villagers took him and other ninjas that were injured. A few days after the nine-tails attack, the villagers and ninja heard that the 4th Hokage was killed. Most of the villagers and ninja that evacuated came back to the village, but Kamon and a few ninja and villagers that evacuated decided to stay away from the village.

A few Years laterEdit

Kamon was do a mission for a village to spy on a mercenary group. He later found out that the mercenary group he was sent to spy on was under the lea of this woman he was with. Him and the woman met in a village 15 years ago and had a child with her. But the woman and Kamon's relationship didn't work out and Komon had to leave the woman and his son. And now he has to spy on the woman's group. So when he got there the mercenary group found out about the Kamon and attacked him. It was 20 mercenaries vs Kamon and in the 20 mercenaries was Kamon's son and his former girlfriend. When the attack started, Kamon used the Golden Aura Technique and killed 17 of the mercenaries including he former girlfriend. the battle only lasted 8 minutes. Before he killed her she told Kamon to not kill their son and take him and his 2 other siblings in as his own, Kamon agreed as he then stabbed her with a kunai. He then went after his son to take him and had to kill 2 of the remaining mercenaries to get to him. But it was too late his son escaped. So now Kamon is trying to find his son and his siblings.

Life NowEdit

As Kamon was walking down a path, he was stopped by 2 ninja a boy and girl. Kamon stops. He asks the ninja what did they want. But after he asks them the question, they attack Kamon. H didn't know what the reason was of their attack but, notices that they had the same clothing on as the mercenary and assumes that they new Riako.


Kamon is 6'2 with golden hair and is an average person.


He is playful at times, but when it comes to the life of his friends he is very serious.