Hyouken (My Idea)

The Juryokugan's original form.

Juryokugan (重力眼; Literally meaning "Gravity Eye") is a  dōjutsu that is used by Kenza Uchiha.It can levitate things or crush them to the ground by simply viewing them.The jutsu can only be used five times a day.If it is used more then five times than it will cause the same effects to you that it does to your opponent.


The jutsu can lift someone up or crush them down by viewing them with this eye.Even if its just a picture the effects will be the same but it will drain more chakra.The power of the jutsu and the amount of times it can be used can be increased by combining it with another dōjutsu.


The Juryokugan has six black tomoes and is originally green.It takes the color of the dōjutsu it is combined with but it keeps its six tomoes.