Dividing up your Ninja

  • Make several sections about your Ninja, some section ideas are:
    • Physical Appearance: Gives some details about your character's description.
    • Personality: Tell us a bit about what your Ninja is like, is he/she a jokester, or someone who is very serious you tell us.
    • Stories/Arcs: Gives some details about the Stories/Arcs your Ninja has been in and their role in it.
    • Abilities: These are discriptions of some abilities your Ninja has like "Great Speed" and/or "Weak Power" make sure to not make this section to "Godmodded" or else your character wil not be approved of by the Kage Council.
    • Stats: This is where your Ninja's stats will be added. The stats will be determined by a Kage and will depend upon your ninja's discription. Such as if he is good at "Fightning" he/she will have a strong "Offence" power.

Chosing your Jutsu

  • Well before chosing your Jutsu you must chose one of the Basic Chakra Natures (Water,Wind,Fire,Lightning,Earth) for your character. Then base your Jutsu off of that.
  • You can use Jutsu from the acual Manga/Anime or you can create your own by using images you find online or you can draw your own Jutsu.