Jutsu Creating

  • Jutsu can be created for your ninja to use in combat during Roleplay in chat.
  • Make sure your jutsu is not over powered! Or else it will not be allowed to be used in Roleplay Combat.
    • An example of overpowered Jutsu is a Jutsu that is able to kill an opponent in one shot and cannot miss. That is completely Overpowered!
  • You can use images from anywhere to show your jutsu, just make sure those images are not inappropriate.
  • Make sure to give a good discription of your jutsu and tell us what Chakra Nature it is.
  • Remember, if you would like to use a Jutsu another user created. Please ask them first, it is more polite and does not cause chaos and arguing later on.
  • Be sure to add a rank to your Jutsu!