Hiroki Senju
Katekyoshi hitman reborn Tsuna by dal2kchino
Aliases Hiro
Journey Information
Experience TBD
Biographical Information
Birthdate November 9th
Gender Male
Age 12
Height 5'2
Weight 92lbs
Blood Type A
Classification Antidote
Affiliation Konohagakure
Family 600px-Senju Symbol.svgHashirama Senju (x2 Great Grandfather)
600px-Senju Symbol.svg Tsunayoshi Senju (Father)
Yui Senju (Mother)
Yuki Fuma (Grandmother)
Team TBA
Clan Senju Clan
Kekki Genkai 600px-Senju Symbol.svg Gravity Release
Ninja Rank Genin
Academy Grad. Age Academy Grad. Age.
Smoke Bomb
Sleeping Gass Bomb
Prototype Retractable Shield
Explosive Tag

Physical AppearanceEdit


Hiro is slight built and is mid height for his age. He has brown hair and a "Never Give Up" shirt in which he usually wears a cloak to cover. He uses his special X-Gloves which allows him to channel and handle his Gravity Release. When he isnt using his X Gloves he wears Mittens around his hands.


Hiroki takes many traits from his Great Great Grandfather Hashirama. He is very calm and collected, very caring, has a deep sense of loyalty, and has great feeling for action. He always wants to get into a fight with anyone even if that person would completely and utterly destroy him. His passion in fight is what makes him a great ninja prodigy. He always had a thing for wearing his own clothes instead of the Hidden Leaf Flak Jacket, but when he fights he makes sure that his opponents know that he is of member of Konohagakure!


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  • Exceptional Taijutsu: Hiro is great Hand-To-Hand Combat Fighter using a variety of his tools. He is a great martial arts fighter which also adds to this ability. This ability consists of prodigious speed and movement.
  • Vast Ammount of Chakra: Hiro's chakra is special because it is from the 1st Hokage's chakra. This chakra is very wide and does run out very easily.
  • Advanced Ninjutsu Hiro's ninjutsu is very advanced because he uses a unique and advanced release called Gravity Release.
  • Low Average Strength: Hiro's strength is a under average strength for his age. His strength is almost basic because he does have enough strength to fully pick someone up, throw them to a distance, or push them to a short distance.


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