Ryuga doing a stroll in the village of Konoha, was stopped by a little girl crying. "Hey, little girl are you okay?" He asks, but the little girl couldn't stop weeping. "Calm down little one i'll help you, what happened?" "Some goon came and took my necklace my grandfather gave me, please help me get it back please!" She pleads, "If you know the direction they went, it sure would help me."

The little girl then points north. "Thanks a lot! I promise to get your necklace back." He said running in the northern direction.

About a hour later of tracking Ryuga comes and meets up with the goon. "Hey you jewelry thief give me the necklace from the little girl back its the only one I want, and if you just hand it over to me you may just get to keep your life." Ryuga threatened. Sadly the goon wasn't going to let it go down so easily. "Ah you foolish child you think i'll give up such precious jewels, you're kidding. My life you can't threaten me like that you're mere child!" The goon responded. "I thought you'd be stuck up, so i'm prepared Fire Style Fire Ball Jutsu!" He shouted as a huge fireball went hurling at the goon. "You think such a academy student level technique faze me?" He said, while making a few hand signs, "Water Style Water Dragon Jutsu!" A dragon made of water went and canceled out the fire ball and came towards Ryuga, but he easily slapped it with his Gunbai. While the water was still there he used it to his advantage. "I'm through playing these games." Ryuga said while he made a few signs himself "Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation!" Completely attempting to incineration the goon. When Ryuga stopped the flames he then noticed the goon was gone but he left the jewels behind. "Hmph fool, all I wanted was the necklace." When he stated that he ran back to village to meet up with the little girl.

"Please please tell me you got it!" She yelped, and he answered. "I made a promise, there's no way I could've went back on my world!"