As Toshihiro is entering the village, he goes to the police station in the village. As he walks in he sees 2 people going back and forth.

"Hi, I'm the shinobi you all called for." "Who are you kid?" The officer asks. "I'm the shinobi for the mission." "What, you are just a little kid, you can't do this." The officer says. "Trust me, I am well qualified, where is the crime scene?" "Around the corner, the house that has crime scene tape around it." the officer says. "Ok I'll check it out."

Toshihiro goes to the house and finds officers and medical examiners there. "Hey you aren't suppose to be here kid, now run along." The offices says. "(Huff) I'm the shinobi for the investigation, see" Toshihiro says as he points to his head band. "Oh ok sorry about that." the officer says.

Toshihiro walks into the house and sees the person dead on the floor. He goes to check the body out and notices a set of footprints leading up the stairs and out of the back door. Toshihiro squats to view the prints, as he gets a closer look he notices something and says, "Hey set a perimeter around the house, (Hm, they always return to the scene of the crime)." Toshihiro says "Release" as he releases the genjutsu. Then foot steps are heard from the upper floor, the person hops out the window an tries to jump from house to house. But Toshihiro uses Wood Release: Great Forest Technique to catch the person and bring him back to the cops.

They look at his boots and see that they were bloody. He then binds the crook and taks him into thr police station. The person that wa being accused was let go, and the prson that did do the murder was put in jail.