Chatroom Rules!

Here are some rules for this wiki's chatroom

  1. No Spamming under any circumstances
    • Long Page clearing (gaps) are counted upon as spam so do not do such.
  2. Please use moderate language, or use censorship upon your "cuss" words.
  3. Please to not constantly harass any member of the chat.
  4. Roleplaying over-rules any topic of conversation due to that is the purpose of the Naruto Journey Chatroom.
  5. Do not discuss any sexual or religious content while in the chatroom.
  6. Please do not argue. Having a civilized discussion/debate is allowed but do not over do it.
    • Chat mods: While settling a dispute between users you must be neutral and non-biased toward one of the users.
  7. No sockpuppeting! Sockpuppeting is not allowed under any circumstances and socks shall be banned immediately for an indefinite amount of time.
  8. Do not ask another user for their personal information such as address,age,phone number,etc within the chat room.
  9. Do not interupt Roleplaying, if you wish to talk, do so in PM or in parenthasis ( )