Altair ibn la ahad by kidtony6-d5sayju

Alexander, wearing his ancestors armor.

Brief HistoryEdit

Alexander's ancestry spans for centuries. Throughout the years of his clans existence they were taught to be efficient in non-lethal take downs. Although none of them believed whole heartedly in taking another life, they still deemed it necessary for certain situations. Therefor, there would be three high "Assassins" for each generation to come, selected from said generations. These would be the only three people of the entire clan who were permitted to kill. They would need to be of the highest morals and abilities. They would be the absolute best of their clan in close quarter engagement. One of the three high Assassins would be tasked with the art of ninjutsu, specifically Wind Style. However all members of the clan knew how to perform basic attacks and defensive measures, this specific human would learn the most deadly and "forbidden" techniques as well as develop his own as a rite for the initiation ceremony. He/She would need to be the most qualified for the training and afterwards they shall receive the most grand of titles among their people, Noble Tempest or Tempest for short.

Alexander's LifeEdit

His father was the previous Tempest and now he tends to pass on all of the accumulated wisdom of their clan down to him.